Smartphone Repairs

Smartphones are incredible – in the last few years the acceleration in technology and design has resulted in some spectacular models.

iPhone, Samsung and Nokia are leading the pack when it comes to innovation. The advances in functionality and usability have impressed consumers and we are now more reliant on our smartphones than ever before. There’s an app for everything you can possibly think of and entrepreneurs are even able to run entire businesses from their smartphone. Find out about app development.

Unfortunately smartphones are not infallible – with all this advanced technology there are plenty more ways to break down. Of course being dropped or submerged in water doesn’t always help your smartphone run smoothly!

Every time a smartphone upgrade is released, dedicated repair teams have to figure out how to fix these new smartphones both software and hardware. Luckily the experts have us covered! Whatever goes wrong with your smartphone, someone will know how to fix it.

How to prevent damage as much as possible

A way of minimising the risk of damage to your smartphone is by buying a phone case. A phone case not only adds protection, it adds style too.

Check out how much it is to create a phone case by clicking here. There will be no difficulty in finding a case for your phone as Wrappz ensure they have phone cases ready for all newly released mobile devices. This includes the new Samsung S8 and S8 Plus.

We have even heard talk about them preparing for the iPhone 8 that is likely to launch in September! Talk about being efficient.

Here are some common repairs for smartphones:

  • Broken screen – this is by far the most commonly requested repair. Even a small crack in a screen can impair the use of the phone. Replacing the screen is a quick job and can be relatively inexpensive depending on the make and model of your phone. See how much it is to fix your screen.
  • Battery replacement – iPhones are notorious for needing battery replacements but having said that it is much more economical to replace the battery than to buy a brand new iPhone. Check out this article for ways to improve the lifespan of your battery. For more about iPhone repairs click here.
  • Water damage – although some phones are now sold as waterproof, many are still susceptible to water damage. Luckily this is fixable.
  • Button replacement – depending on the make, this could be the power button or the home button. An inexpensive fix.
  • Charging issues – usually just requires some tinkering with the hardware for your phone to charge as good as new.

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