Mobile App Development 101: What You Should Know

The different types of mobile applications have contributed to the mass use of smartphones and tablets, which explains why companies are showing an interest in developing an app for their business. Contact us for more information.

Developing mobile apps is a worthwhile process to spend time and money on as it can help boost employee productivity and increase your profits as it will be easier for customers to use/purchase your services.

Below, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: What is mobile app development?

Mobile app development is the process of creating software that is suitable for smartphones and tablets to use. A developer will use their skills to take advantage of devices’ features to design the best app possible. An application will be built specifically to the device’s processor.

Q: Who should I use to build my app?

UK Agency

App development should only be completed by those who are experienced in this field and who have the capability of handling your needs. We suggest contacting Alt Agency in Birmingham for all your app development needs. See

They have the ability to create apps on various devices, including iOS and Android – two of the most popular platforms in the smartphone world. Their team has a track record of impressive and great results; you too can become one of their clients. Email now.

Thailand Agency

Again, app development should be completed by an experienced developer. Red Sky based in Bangkok can create applications for mobile’s and custom software development for businesses in Thailand. See

As well as app development, Red Sky Digital offer digital marketing and optimise reach and revenue services. Email for more information.

Q: Native or Web-based apps?

There is no wrong or right answer, it simply depends on your requirements. With native app development, the app will have to be built on numerous occasions to allow it to run on different OSes, however it takes advantage of a device’s features.

Using web-based platforms for app development can be faster and cheaper. Platforms include HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. These types of apps only need to be built once, however they don’t take advantage of features. See: JavaScript | HTML 5 | CSS 3.