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The latest in mobile revolution

When times call for navigation a consumer relies on it. When times get boring a consumer relies on it. When a consumer needs ANYTHING they will call on it. Can you guess what it is yet? Are you itching to know the answer? Well unsurprisingly its the smartphone, a multifunctional piece of technology which sells by the millions every year, and as a business owner you should really take an interest in how your customers use theirs whilst accessing the internet.

But is mobile browsing really that different to desktop browsing?

Browsing the internet online on a smartphone is a completely different experience when compared to browsing on a desktop computer for a couple of reasons, and as a business owner you should yourself know the differences. Some of these are:

  • First of all, the download speed on a smartphone is far slower than that of a desktop PC and so your website should be optimized for this.
  • Second of all the screen resolution of a smartphone is much smaller than any PC monitor and so your website should compensate by showing only important stuff.
  • Thirdly smartphone users navigate via touch screen, not a mouse, meaning that hot spots are completely different for both devices.

Downloads speeds

Browsing on a 3G enabled smartphone can be a real chore and bore the life out of you. 99% of times this is because of network speeds, however a business website using heavy graphics in a mobile stylesheet or theme isnt helping anybody, especially your customers and sales.

If your website takes longer than 6 seconds to load with a decent 3G signal (four bars or above) then you should contact your web developer to talk about optimizing your website for mobile devices and stripping any unecessary features and weight.

Screen resolution

Your smartphone is a whole lot smaller than your desktop or laptop monitor, so why isnt your website too? Generally, mobile browsers do a good job at resizing web pages so they are usable, however a lot of the time text is far too small and big images take up far too much space.

If the text of your website is unreadable on a smartphone then you should contact your website developer for help and guidance surrounding ways you can ammend this.

Touch Screen

Smartphone users do not use a mouse to navigate their way around a website they use their fingers, so any links which are too small or any links which are not visibe can not be hovered over for a description and whats more heat maps for clicks are completely different.

The reason heat maps are different on a desktop when compared to a smartphone is because there is less visible information on a smartphone web browser, thus people click through to irrelevent stuff due to a lack of information being displayed.

What to do when devices fail

Mobile phones, smart phones, ipads all have a happy of breaking. From cracked screens to non charging batteries, time is money in business and a broken device is a broken work tool.

Fortunately there are a number of companies that specialise in working with businesses phones and tablets and can even update software on all devices from Apple to Samsung. For London businesses we recommend Square Repair. They have a fast track courier service that can repair any device in under an hour!