Consolidating or upgrading your current network system does not have to be complicated. Let us do the work for you!

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Here at the IT Resources and Forums website we are proud to offer our services and resource in the form of access to our highly rated IT forum. Here you will find an answer to every IT related question you may have. The contributors and experts therein are well versed at finding great deals for you. They will enable you to make the highest quality decision for your systems and network. Feel free to get in touch to find out more about IT resources and our forums.

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MH Linux networks are constantly evolving with new technologies on the horizon but it is not always practical or economical to upgrade to the next best thing.

Once equipment is in the network it is important to maximise its benefit and longevity. MH Linux is focused on unlocking the potential of your existing infrastructure thereby maximising your revenue.

If you're IT equipment is slowing your progress down get a quote here for your old systems and upgrade now

The Market


Our mission is to provide competitive Access Network Solutions, based on a deep understanding of our customers’ business opportunities and needs. We will therefore create a successful business to benefit our customers, shareholders and employees.


To be a preferred business partner in the converged telecom and datacom market.
To have an innovative product portfolio that is easy to adapt to a broad variety of solutions.
To be profitable and an attractive choice for investors.
To provide our employees with job satisfaction and career development.

Expand your online services and use a comprehensive range on language services including document translation and multimedia and product localisation

Business Philosophy

We aim to be our customers best business partners with innovative products, competitive cost of ownership and customised solutions that address specific customer requirements.

We empower our staff to show initiative and creativity to provide customers with flexible, professional and proactive business relationships and single point of contact.

We strive for total reliability whatever and wherever the customer needs. We continuously review our performance to ensure we keep ahead of the changing needs of the market.

Welcome to the IT Resources and Forums website

Consolidating or upgrading your current network system does not have to be complicated. Let us do the work for you! We can help you identify and source the equipment you need to successfully configure and integrate your operating systems and secure your network. We can help you find the most practical solutions. You won't have to shop around - we're a one-stop shop!

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